A key skill I developed and improved with each of my experiences. As an entrepreneur, my written and oral communication skills helped me shape a convincing business plan to attract investors.

When I coached and taught business basics, I demonstrated my ability for public speaking and my ability to adapt my speech to my audience, and my capacity to rephrase and make myself understandable. The anonymous questionnaires filled by the students praised my communication skills.



I developed this skill since my first work experience (as an intern for CD17). I was in charge of organizing a full event of 45 dates and taking places in 15 cities. After defining the goals with my boss, I demonstrated my ability to plan and organize my work, and made sure to meet deadlines. I also organized the planning of a team of 4 seasonal workers on different sites and I made sure that the booths and the communication tools were available in the right place at the right time.



Even with the best of organization, sometimes there can be a problem.  Then, it’s necessary to be creative and reactive to prevent the problem from escalating. As an entrepreneur managing the development of a restaurant chain, these situations occurred often : people not showing up to work, deliveries coming late… Therefore, I had to work accordingly to resolve problems, with keeping in mind the end goal : creating value for the customer.


analytical thinking

During each work experience, I made sure that I knew the market and the customers, as well as understood competition and what was at stake. I conducted an extensive study market of the French restaurant sector before launching my company. I reviewed literature and articles, designed questionnaires, analyzed and synthesize the results.

A recruiter once told me « you’re multi-speed ». I think that’s a good summary : I am able to take time to analyze things, and am not afraid to go into action. I am able to work with different time table: I can take time to analyze things and plan long-term action but I’m also able to take quick decisions in a fast-paced environment.