Work experience


October 2015 – October 2016

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Project Manager Marketing and Communications

In the Toulouse branch of SIAD, I worked on 3 missions.

1) Product management of the B2B Coaching Service « Making Business in Africa » :

  • conduct a market study
  • define a marketing strategy and operational actions
  • creating communication tools
  • promotion : professionnal fairs, appointments and meetings
  • developing partnership with local actors (public and NGOs)

2) Digital communication :

  • developing and administrating the Website with Wordpress CMS
  • community management on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • SEO, Adwords campaigns and use of Google Analytics

 3) Formation and Coaching of entrepreneurs

  • creating teachning tools and presentations on key themes of business : PESTEL, Porter, SWOT…
  • transmitting knowledge using these tools
  • creating and animating exercises related to key entrepreneurship themes
  • consulting and advising on a project of development of a traditional pineapple exploitation in Congo-Brazzaville

Chez Peyro

January 2013 – september 2015


Marketing Manager & Co-Founder

A true passion project.

I enjoy eating and gastronomy, but I am also sensitive to the problematic of healthy lifestyles in today’s modern world, I seeked for a way to propose delicious, healthy, made- with-quality-products meals.

That’s why I created « Chez Peyro », the first french restaurant chain using the revolutionary technique of slow-temperature cooking !

I designed this company with a main 400 squared-meters kitchen where dishes were slowly cooked (up to 72h cooking time for some), cooled and delivered to the 5 restaurant I opened under the name « Chez Peyro ».

As a true Marketing enthusiast, I was particularly in charge of this aspect. I conducted a thorough market study, analyzed the competition, looked for the trends among restaurant-going customers. I built the « Chez Peyro » brand on the promise to rediscover the antics way to cook : slowly, with good products (meaning in the present day and age, organic or certified), and simple but tasty recipes (in a bistronomic way).

With a lot of team work with my associates, I also managed the following :


  • Start-up creation : putting together the Business Plan and raising 1 500 k€
  • Business development : identifying future locations, negotiating new facilities acquisitions, managing 5 restaurant launches
  • Human resources : recruiting key employees, as Executive Chiefs and Restaurant Managers
  • Strategy : analyzing the environment and take key decisions
  • Sourcing : as part of our overall strategy, I’ve looked for the best food providers, maintaining gross profit at 75%
  • Logistic & Supply Chain : organizing flux for 5 restaurants and the main kitchen, putting together a stock management solution, designing a recovery system for plastic boxes and pallets with our partner.

Conseil départemental Charente-Maritime

Communications department of a local government

Avril 2011 – Août 2011


Marketing & Communications Intern

During this internship, I had the opportunity to fully managed (under supervision) the « Sites en Scène » festival, a public and cultural initiative.
It took place in 15 cities and there were 45 representations.

What I did :

  • Coordinated the action of different services and stakeholder in order to meet the deadlines
  • Managing relations ships with communication agencies and other services of the Conseil Départemental
  • Managed a team of 5 seasonal workers : built work schedules on 3 months, briefed and motivated the team, was disponible to fix problems at any time
  • Administrative work : sent invitations to 500+ people
  • Community management : Facebook page. Likes and views x2 for a publication; + 120% of likes on the page